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March audio is (and has been) posted!

Sorry for the late notice, but the March audio summary is up. Highlights:

-Gestalt in the ED for diagnosing PE and ACS: we’re overdoing it
-Radiation exposure among zero and near-zero risk patients: we’re overdoing that too
-Editorial: Should patients pay when asking for unnecessary testing?
-Topical anesthesia for mouth ulcers in kids: a RCT
-EHRs in the ED: associated with more imaging, medication, and testing of all kinds
-Health Info Exchanges: need to be better
-Central line infection prevention: tougher than it sounds

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February audio is posted

This month’s Annals audio, a look at the national report card on EM, is now posted and available. Highlights:

-The American College of Emergency Physicians has released their comprehensive national and state-by-state report cards on the status of emergency medicine in the United States. We do a brief summary and review.

-The new College clinical policy on procedural sedation and analgesia.

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Annals audio, Jan 2014 is here

Sorry for delays, sometimes we get all technical…. But the January audio is here! Highlights:

-Cricothyrotomy techniques: a comparison
-Two hand versus one hand BVM ventilation, which one works best?
-Can looking at the RV with bedside ultrasound help diagnose PE?
-Surviving sepsis: an update
-Lit review: can febrile neutropenics go home?
-Late bleeding after crotalid envenomation: how often?

…and more!
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December Annals Audio posted

The December audio issue of Annals of EM is now posted and available. Highlights include:

-New onset atrial fibrillation — should we anticoagulate in the ED?
-Atrial fibrillation in the ED: trends in Canada
-Review: High sensitivity troponins
-Capnography to diagnose PE: meta-analysis
-Observation is associated with less imaging for pediatric minor head injury
-Pediatric magnet ingestions
-Review: reversing warfarin in the ED

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November audio summary is up

The November audio issue is posted! Highlights include:

-Do elderly patients wait longer?
-A delirium screening tool
-Do people who can’t afford their medicines come back to the ED more?
-Standoff: Canada and US — who does more CTs?
-The cost of emergency medicine, it’s not what you’ve heard
-NAC v IV fluids to prevent contrast nephropathy
-Unused IV lines
-UTI in renal colic patients – predictors and urinalysis utility

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July Annals audio now posted!

We’re posted for July! Highlights include:
-Validation of a decision rule for SAH
-Effects of a health information exchange on xray ordering
-Ocular fundus photography in the ED
-Renal impairment: a risk factor for ACS among chest pain patients?
-Training and real time A-V feedback effects on CPR success
-Clinical Policy: Management of Asymptomatic Hypertension in the ED
-Antibiotic stewardship: A review of mechanisms
-Cost-effectiveness of rapid flu testing

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Annals Audio/Podcast for June 2013 is posted and available!

June 2013 is up and running. Short and sweet, you can access it here!

-ED Crowding is associated with increased mortality, costs, and inpatient length of stay
-Characteristics of high performing hospitals on ED quality markers
-Physician email and phone contact after visits increases satisfaction
-Impact of Computerized Provider Order Entry in the ED
-Administrator views on barriers and opportunities to Palliative Care in the ED
-Improving Palliative Care in the ED – Notes from the early adopters
-Disaster triage – what method is best?

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Annals of EM Audio posted for May

May Annals of EM Audio is up and running. Highlights:

-Variability in ICU admits for minor ICH – who’s right?
-Canadian and New Orleans Head CT rules in Tunisia: a clear winner…
-Where should AEDs be placed for highest yield?
-90-day mortality after ED discharge for Atrial fibrillation
-Copeptin to improve single-troponin sensitivity?
-Searching for Pediatric UTI: how aggressive should we be?

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April Audio Summary is posted! Click here (see the left side of the page) to listen to a summary of Aprils’ Annals of EM. Highlights:

-Clinical decision aid derivation for ALTEs: which babies are safe for discharge?
-Head injuries in children with VP shunts
-Access to specialty care through the ED
-Video laryngoscopy, a panoply
-Major problem with the NHAMCS database
-Symptoms as a predictor of emergency visits among cancer patients
-Ultrasound for peripheral IVs: is the data robust?
-Video capsule endoscopy for UGIB in the ED
-Black widow antivenin: a RCT!
-Dabigatran and warfarin bleeding complications in the ED

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March Audio Summary/Podcast Posted

March is here, so is the March audio/podcast from Annals of EM. Highlights include:

-How many procedures do Pediatric EM trainees see? Is this ‘enough’?
-Video vs direct laryngoscopy for simulated ETI in pediatrics?
-Rehydrating pediatric patients: D5 vs NS, a randomized trial
-Cost reduction targets in the ED
-Ambulance diversion: what happens if we’re not allowed?
-Primary care linkage from the ED
-Lactate to predict outcomes with PE
-More more more

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